“Circus 1903” something special to behold

New stage show features amazing acts from around the world

High-wire acts are just part of the fun of

Raider Times photo / Courtesy of "Circus 1903"

High-wire acts are just part of the fun of "Circus 1903" at Boch Center's Wang Theatre in Boston through March 12, 2017.

Catherine Papayannopoulos, Raider Times staff

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    How can a circus perform on a theater stage? I couldn’t imagine how a venue even as grand as the Boch Center’s Wang Theatre could hold such an event. I was as curious as I was excited with anticipation, as I walked to my seat on Wednesday night, opening night of “Circus 1903” in Boston.

    Within five seconds of the first act of performers, I knew this was something special.

    The show began with one of the most unique acts I had ever witnessed. There was a see-saw set piece that was placed center stage, and as people dressed in period clothing entered, three men began to do tricks on it. At first, they all took turns flipping on and off the see-saw, and then it turned into each man jumping at incredible heights, nearly hitting the top of the ceiling, as the see-saw shifted back and forth. Watching it was both extraordinary and terrifying — as my emotions were for most of the acts.

    There were many memorable moments throughout the performance, but my favorite had to be from the acrobatic duo. After watching a woman being thrown into the air forwards and backwards while flipping, seeing her perform blindfolded was a sight I could hardly believe to be real.

    The performers from “Circus 1903” came from all over the world — France, Mexico, Italy, Belarus, Germany — and they were astounding. There were breathtaking acrobatics, a stunning aerialist, a juggler who amazed, flawless tightrope performers, an adventurous cyclist, and a contortionist who did things we could never imagine the human body could do.

Raider Times photo / Catherine Papayannopoulos
High-wire acts are just part of the fun of “Circus 1903” at Boch Center’s Wang Theatre in Boston through March 12, 2017.

   The show was complete with a ringmaster, who introduced acts and was funny and spontaneous with the audience. Two times he called children up on stage, and this break between acts was also entertaining. The second time involved engaging four children from the audience to participate in a magic trick. It dragged on for a bit longer than I thought it should have, but it was enjoyable nevertheless.

    There are no dogs dancing on their hind legs, no tigers jumping through flaming hoops, no live animals at all; just raw human talent that will mesmerize and entertain you every second.

    There is additionally, however, a very unique “animal act.” These were the most amazing “puppets” I have ever seen. Lifelike elephants, a mother and her baby (appropriately named “Peanut”) were big hits in the show.

    If you’re looking for something exciting and new to do this weekend, I highly recommend “Circus 1903” at the Boch Center’s Wang Theater. Performances run through this Sunday, March 12.

    “Circus 1903” continues on tour after its Boston showings up until July 2, hitting cities including Detroit, Chicago, New York, Hartford, Charlotte, and Houston. It’s a spectacular theater experience for all ages.

   Although I didn’t know what to expect beforehand, it was somehow so much more than I had imagined.

   –March 9, 2017–

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