“The Color Purple” not to be missed during Boston run

National touring production of musical to be at Shubert Theatre through Dec. 3, 2017

The national touring production of The Color Purple will be at the Boch Center / Shubert Theatre though Dec. 3, 2017.

Raider Times photo / Courtesy of "The Color Purple"

The national touring production of “The Color Purple” will be at the Boch Center / Shubert Theatre though Dec. 3, 2017.

Toni Carton, Raider Times staff

“The Color Purple” is absolutely, undeniably worth seeing. From the beautiful set to the amazing score to the immensely talented actors and actresses, it is a heart-stirring experience.

The story follows a young girl, Celie, through her harsh experiences growing up, and her struggle with self-love and acceptance. She is married off at 14 to a bitter man, Mister, and is separated from the only person who loves her, her sister, Nettie. 

Mister starts hiding the letters Nettie has been sending Celie, and she comes to believe her sister has died. Celie ends up meeting many strong characters, the most significant of which is Shug Avery, who Celie comes to love very deeply, and who reveals to her the letters Mister has been hiding.

Shug helps Celie to love herself, and with her help, Celie learns to stand up to her husband, cursing him when he tries to hit her again.
In the last moments of this musical, Mister comes to reconcile with Celie, and reveals that he has brought Nettie back to the United States. The two sisters heartwarmingly embrace, and the whole cast comes together to sing with Celie while she thanks God for reuniting her with Nettie, and for the color purple, too.

The national touring production of “The Color Purple” will be playing at Boston’s Shubert Theatre through Dec. 3, 2017. Walking into the Shubert, the set was lighted beautifully and very simplistic, yet quite astonishing. Throughout the musical, the light reflects the mood and draws you in, the creaking wooden floor adds to the amazing choreography.

The set would be severely lacking without this incredibly talented cast, though. The performers clearly love this show, as their passion bleeds through into every note and movement they make.

Adrianna Hicks, who plays Celie, carries her character with utmost grace and beauty. The love she shows for N’Jameh Camara (Nettie), makes it seem as if they are really sisters. When Adrianna sings, “I’m Here,” the song where Celie realizes she loves herself, you could hear a pin drop, and the ensuing applause was deafening.

The whole cast has a rich, warm, familial vibe to them, and sing each and every song with such power that it will blow you away. The raw emotion that comes from this compelling show will have you laughing and crying along with everyone else. By the end of the show, everyone is on their feet clapping for the cast and their amazing performance.

You should rush to see this show before it leaves Boston on Dec. 3. The lovely cast and touching story will have you enraptured the entire time, and you’ll leave with a great feeling, and a smile on your face.

(“The Color Purple” will be in Boston through Dec. 3, 2017. For information or to buy tickets, go to https://colorpurple.com/.)

–Nov. 22, 2017–