Spirit of the season comes alive with “A Charlie Brown Christmas Live on Stage”


Raider Times photo / Courtesy A Charlie Brown Christmas Live.

Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang make the season come alive in “A Charlie Brown Christmas Live on Stage”.

Sarah Vail, Raider Times staff

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang remain a staple among many childhoods of people from many generations. I can vividly remember watching the Charlie Brown holiday specials with my family as a child. One of the most significant ones was “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” This was a classic special that featured the well known and loved Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

If any of this strikes a sense of nostalgia within you, then you may consider seeing “A Charlie Brown Christmas Live on Stage”! The show just finished a quick run at the Boch Center Shubert Theatre in Boston and will still be performing in more than 30 more cities across the country this month.

The cast and crew of this show did a lovely job at adapting the script of the original TV special to fit the stage. Every character from Snoopy to Lucy had a personality even bolder than that of the original Peanuts gang.

Throughout the duration of the show I heard a plethora of ooohs and awwws from the youngest audience members, which only verifies that this show was fit for all ages.

The performance also featured a sing-along portion that featured many popular winter holiday songs, including Christmas and Hanukkah songs. There is an aspect of this wonderful performance that everyone took away with them, along with copious amounts of holiday spirit.

(For information and tickets for “A Charlie Brown Christmas Live on Stage”, go to the show’s homepage at https://www.acharliebrownchristmaslive.com/.)

–Dec. 3, 2018–