Word Painter seeks art and writing submissions

Watertown High School’s creativity and artistry on display with magazine and club


Raider Times photo / Nicole Delgado

This painting by Watertown High School student Nicole Delgado appeared in the 2018 issue of the Word Painter magazine.

Vishan Karunaratne, Raider Times staff

You ever desire to write something creative instead of something analytical? You ever desire to be able to create something for an audience, create something that you can be proud of?

Well Word Painter has got the solution for you. It’s an annual creative writing magazine at Watertown High School that offers students a opportunity to present their work to an audience. Short stories, poems, creative writing, photographs, digital art, and fine art are can be submitted to be included in the magazine.

Raider Times photo / Lana Taffel
This drawing by Watertown High School student Lana Taffel appeared in the 2018 issue of the Word Painter magazine.

The Word Painter staff is hoping to get enough submissions so it can produce a magazine in the spring. The first submission deadline is Feb. 28. Email your submissions to [email protected] with the subject being “Word Painter 2019.”

There’s also a club that produces the Word Painter, which is fittingly called The Word Painter Club. The person in charge is Malcolm Cooke, an English teacher at Watertown High School who is creating an opportunity for students to express their creativity.

Mr. Cooke says that the school’s curriculum doesn’t focus much on creative writing, and that there’s only one creative writing class offer this year — and that’s only for seniors. He feels there is a need for students to express their creativity, and that’s where the Word Painter magazine and club come in.

The club takes place in Room 351 after school. It is used to give students a chance to work together in a small group, collaborate with a teacher, take leadership over an original product, and, of course, produce the Word Painter magazine.

–Feb. 28, 2019–