Remake of “Aladdin” has plenty of its own magic


Raider Times photo / Courtesy of Disney

Mena Massoud stars as the title character in “Aladdin”.

Maia Vachon and Caiden Kiani

The classic Disney story “Aladdin” has been re-created as a live-action film featuring Will Smith as the Genie. With his hilarious personality and flamboyant style, Smith perfectly captures the essence of the famous character formerly voiced by Robin Williams.

The musical is set to release on Friday, May 24, and is sure to be a hit for all ages.

Set in the fictional city of Agrabah, the talented street thief Aladdin seeks the approval of a mysterious woman that he meets in the market. As the plot progresses, her true identity is revealed as Princess Jasmine of Agrabah. With the help of an all-powerful genie, Aladdin fights to make himself known among royalty while warding off evil at the same time.

“Aladdin” is a well-known Disney production that was first released in 1992. The remake is an explosion of colors and new music that will have you tapping your foot and beaming with delight.

Changes for the 2019 movie makes the story even more captivating. Princess Jasmine has a more prominent role in the film as a strong character who fights her own battles. The comedic aspects of the storyline will leave the audience in hysterics and the newly composed hip-hop inspired music will make you want to dance.

If you loved the re-creation of “Beauty and the Beast”, another classic Disney story, you will definitely enjoy “Aladdin”.

–May 24, 2019–