Book club starts new chapter in Watertown High School library

Sahar Khan, Raider Times staff

New librarian Erin Piazza has started a book club, the first one at Watertown High since the early 2000s.

“I really like reading and I thought students who like books might get something out of a book club,” Ms. Piazza explained as one reason why she started it.

Anyone can join the book club including teachers; Rachel Morgan has joined the book club as well.

“It’s nice to meet with students and see those enjoying reading books instead of spending all day on their phones.’’ Ms. Morgan said.

The book club meets once a month and so far has met twice. The second time the book club met more students joined. The book club meets in the library, a nice cozy quiet place for students to share their mutual appreciation for young adult literature.

The first official book read by the club was “The Fault In Our Stars,” by John Green. At the second meeting, students discussed how they felt about the book and watched the trailer for the movie based on the book, which is coming out June 6. Ms. Piazza mentioned the book club could go see the movie together during school as a field trip or out of school as a hangout.

The next book the club will be reading is “I Am Number Four,” by Pittacus Lore. The books are chosen by the students. Everyone pitches their ideas on what books they would like to read and if everyone else seems to agree then that’s the book they choose.

Ms. Piazza has offered copies of the books for the students both times. “I Am Number Four” came out as a movie in 2011, but it’s just a coincidence that both books so far have become movies.

“So far the library has been getting young adult literature books and so I thought that would be the focus of the book club, as well,” Ms. Piazza said about the type of books the club will be focusing on. “But this doesn’t mean all other book suggestions are denied.”

The next book club meeting will be Friday, April 12, so stop by if you’re interested. And, who knows, you may get to watch “I Am Number Four.” Snacks are provided.

–March 27, 2014–