Meet the President

Senior Class President, Brenna McDonald

Raider Times photo / Megan Laffey

Senior Class President, Brenna McDonald

As most of you already know, Watertown High School held elections for class officers towards the end of September. For the third year, Brenna McDonald was elected president for the Class of 2013. Aside from being President, Brenna’s other leadership roles include being varsity soccer captain and leading the Invisible Children Committee, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of the LRA and Joseph Kony.

Although our school has gone through quite a few changes over the past two years, Brenna maintains a positive attitude towards Watertown High and the students here.

“My favorite thing about WHS is that we are the perfect sized high school. Almost everyone knows each other but still through different activities you can get to know people who you didn’t know well before. Also our school is overall a pretty group of good kids which not every school can say,” she says.

This year, Brenna has a long list of goals she would like to see achieved before she graduates. One thing she would like to see change about Watertown High School is our lack of school spirit. “Looking at old year books and seeing how people went all out at sporting events, how there used to be cheering teams for almost every sport and how there used to be town activities down at Victory Field that everyone looked forward to makes me wonder why it isn’t still like that.” She hopes to bring back such enthusiasm this year, starting at varsity football games. “I hope to bring back as much of that school spirit as possible and bring that sense of excitement of being part of Watertown High back to the school,” she says.

Brenna has run for president every year because she truly cares about the well being of Watertown High School and the students who attend here. She hopes to not only improve the school while she is still here, but wishes to contribute to changing the school climate so that future generations will have a more enjoyable high school experience. Hopefully she will fulfill all of her wishful accomplishments before she graduates!