New Trends for Fall and Winter

New Trends for Fall and Winter

Raider Times photo / Photo by Nicole Mendez

“Burr…it’s so cold, and I have no idea what to wear?”

This question is one that some of you may be asking. The season not only changes outside but in your own closets as well. Yes, that’s right, it’s now time to bust out those sweaters you’ve been so dying to wear because fall/winter-wear is finally back!  Though there are some new styles out there, some of last year’s wear are still some old friends as well. As there are not only new trends, such as maxi-skirts, which are perfect to keep you warm and at the same time catch the eyes of all whom you cross. Long riding boots are also a highlight of this fall’s wear, which can be worn with not only your jeans but with those long skirts you’ll see a lot of.

There are also some recycled trends making a comeback this season. Those being from jean jackets to hints of leather here and there (from jackets to combat boots), to “drapey “ and “grandpa” sweaters. Bet you’re glad you didn’t throw those out of your closet now. This just goes to show that a timeless piece never goes out of style.

But this season the trend doesn’t just stop with your clothes or shoes. It also goes for your make-up. Dark browns and reds are being focused on more as not only eye-shadows but lipstick colors as well, since the warm colors will match your warm clothes. This trend has definitely gone into high-speed since the premiere of the new Twilight movie, Breaking Pawn Part 2 where Kristen Stewart sports the dark gold eye shadow tones with a warm raspberry lipstick.


So start playing around and see which brown or dark peach works best for your eyes. Go on! Look at the other side of your eye-shadow pallet because once you find a the new dark shade that works for you, you will never look back or stop using it.