The iPad Mini Leaves Big Impression

The iPad Mini Leaves Big Impression

Raider Times photo / Photo by Andrew Smith

Apple has done it yet again! Though this time with a newer, smaller tablet called the iPad mini. This miniature version of the iPad 2 is equally as fast and fits into the comfort of your hand. Although more blocky than the iPad 2, it still is a convenient form to take with you wherever you go. Watertown High School Spanish teacher, Señor Henry, has recently just gotten the iPad mini and had a few things to say about it.

“I like that the iPad mini is the same size as my Android tablet. It fits in my hand nicely, and my pocket too. I like the size better of the mini because I think the iPad 2 is too big to carry around with me. I also like that the weight of the iPad mini is significantly lighter than my Android tablet.” With all these great things said about the mini, there are still some down sides to it. “Sometimes it’s hard to find if I have papers on my desk, and it gets scrambled up in there,” said Señor jokingly.

Over the past years, Apple has made tons of different products. Most of Apple’s products end up on most people’s ‘Must Have’ lists. Does the iPad mini have a shot of making this list? Señor Henry thinks so.

“I think the iPad mini is one of Apple’s greatest products. Although I am a PC guy, the iPad mini has made me want to try out other Apple products.” The mini may be a good buy for people who are looking for a tablet that is easily transportable, and fits nicely in a specific area of need.

Now that we have reached the 21st century, and iPad tablets have moved their way into schools, would the iPad mini be a better tablet to use than the regular sized ones? “Yes, I think they are easier to handle in schools,” Señor said. “Smaller tablets are better to carry around, and easier to keep track of, rather than the larger ones which could break more easily.”