Splash of Flavor 2017: Raspberry tea with strawberry popping boba at Boston Tea Stop


Raider Times photo / Natalie Finton

Three raspberry teas with strawberry popping boba at Boston Tea Stop in Harvard Square.

Natalie Finton, Raider Times staff

From the moment you walk into the little hidden shop, all you can smell is tea.

The brightly colored walls and furniture, friendly staff, as well as the old-fashioned arcade games give the shop a happy and welcoming feel. Located at 54 John F. Kennedy St., the Boston Tea Stop is directly across from the Staples and Wagamama in Harvard Square. It may be a bit hidden, but when you do find it, it’s just what you’ve been looking for!

Boston Tea Stop has as many flavors of tea as you can imagine. You can get it in the form of a slush, smoothie, or snow. Each flavor is wonderful in any of the three ways it is prepared. To top off all these different flavors and textures, you can add boba. Boba are also known as tapioca pearls. These are made of cassava starch, sweet potato, and brown sugar; pearls inside the tea that really make it special. Popping or traditional, boba is strange in the best possible way.

You first pick your drink flavor and form. Then, you choose your boba (if you want your drink to include it). They also have milk teas, as well as mochi ice cream. If you want boba, you can have it with any of the teas.

When I go, I usually get raspberry tea with strawberry popping boba. They also have mango popping boba, but strawberry is my personal favorite. Raspberry-flavored tea is my favorite flavor, due to the fact that it’s sweet but not too sweet. You suck up the popping boba through one of the colorful thick straws and pop it with your teeth for an explosion of flavor! After they pop, the boba melts in your mouth.

The raspberry tea with strawberry popping boba at Boston Tea Stop is something that you don’t want to miss!

Next time you’re in Harvard Square stop by at Boston Tea Stop for a flavorful treat!

(Boston Tea Stop54 John F. Kennedy St.,  Cambridge, 617-945-0017.)

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Raider Times photo / Bandna Kaur
Some of the many drinks available at Boston Tea Stop in Harvard Square.

-– Dec. 20, 2017–