Elizabeth Warren Values Education

Some have a dream to be educated one day, while others have people fighting to further ease the financial burden of education!

Cameras, microphones, TV news reporters, and student journalists all waited eagerly for Elizabeth Warren to arrive in front of Watertown Hall on September 22, 2012.

It was the day of the Faire on the Square and balloons and smiles were everywhere. There was excitement in people’s eyes. Between Town Hall and the library, the politicians had set up tables and booths, and different advertisements were in front of everyone’s eyes. There were a lot supporting Ms. Warren as she ran for the US Senate.

She said her first and foremost goal is to improve education to make sure that students who can’t afford college still have the opportunity to attend.

Born in Oklahoma City, Ms. Warren had a dream she believed she could fulfill. She first wanted to become a teacher because it really meant a lot to her, but who knew she would end up teaching law at several schools? After attending George Washington University. she became a Harvard Law School professor. Now, she is running for the Senate.

She said that if she were elected to the Senate, she would really work on improving education and increase resources that go into education. She said she would want to make sure that kids and parents work together to find good and useful education plans. Her No. 1 policy is to fight for and help kids pay for college.

“Instead of investing in oil companies, we should work with education,’’ she said.

Investing in the future is what Ms. Warren seems to really care about.

“I don’t want kids worrying or believing that they can’t attend college just because they can’t afford it, it’s just not fair,’’ she said. “I believe everyone should have the opportunity to attend college and be further educated.”

When asking what advice she would give to high school students, she says, “As a high school student, you should be working hard, studying hard, and making smart choices for college.”

Elizabeth Warren believes that she can make a difference!