WHS Looks to Take the Big Apple Again

The 2012- 2013 school year has a lot in store including the 8th trip to The Big Apple. Starting back in 1998 the trip, organized by WHS Music Department, The WHS Band, Orchestra and Chorus prepare pieces all year to perform in an adjudication festival held in the Riverside Church. Falling on the weekend of April 5th through the 7th, they will compete with other schools from all over the country.

Competing for the gold, silver and bronze awards and “Spirit of New York” award which WHS was presented with in 2011, students and teachers work especially hard, perfecting every note, chord and rest.  With only 15 minutes of performance time, they strive to perform two to three pieces, presenting cross sections of musical types, from different eras.

The competition is thought to be the main purpose of the trip. It’s also the performance opportunity, “The opportunity to be assed against the national standard…” (Mr. Wulf)  The trip also includes a Broadway show, walking through Central Park, sightseeing, exploring an array of museums’ including The MET and a dinner/ dance cruise.

All these activities add up, at almost five-hundred dollars per student, teachers are teaming up with parents, working to set up fundraisers to help cut costs. They have three major intuitives, pajama pants sporting the school name and colors, bake sales on Election Day, a letter campaign to local businesses and individual students selling candy, they hope to raise enough to reduce students’ costs by a lot.

When students were asked about what they’re most looking forward to, first time student Ashley Smith admitted she’s excited. “Just going to New York for the first time,” said Smith.  Trying to keep the activities different than previous years, The Music Department is looking into trips to The Statue of Liberty, 9/11 memorial and the High Line, which is located on train tracks.

New York wasn’t always the first choice to visit for competing;  back in 2003, the Music Department decided to try Philadelphia. After going to a Philly’s game, they decided that Philadelphia didn’t have as much to offer as New York, which is why they never went back.  New York seemed to have more activities to offer the WHS musicians.

With several months to go, planning and fundraising are the main components of this trip.  Mr. Wulf and everyone else involved are working to make this a trip to remember.