Heating ovens to cool the planet

Environmental Club’s bake sale at parent-teacher conferences first step in goal toward funding green water fountains at WHS


Raider Times photo / Courtesy of WHS Enviornmental Club

The sculpture “The Trashy Truth”, fashioned from the plastic waste found inside Watertown High School, takes shape with one of the members of the Environmental Club. The group is holding a bake sale during parent-teacher conferences on Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014, to fund the purchase of environmentally-friendly water fountains for the WHS community.

Rebecca Grossman, Raider Times staff

It might seem like baking a few batches of cupcakes and brownies for a bake sale won’t do anything for the environment. But the Watertown High School Environmental Club is looking for a way to change that.

The club is hoping to raise enough money to eventually be able to replace a handful of the water fountains around WHS with motion-sensored water bottle filling stations.The stations provide a convenient water fountain function, as well as a rapid bottle-filling function to minimize plastic waste in the environment.

In conjunction with the installation of the filling stations, the club is hoping to start a campaign to encourage the WHS community to reduce its plastic bottle consumption by selling reusable water bottles and coffee cups with the WHS logo to Watertown students, faculty, and parents.

Nevertheless, this goal can’t be accomplished without a lot of hard work. The club has been working intently on a water bottle structure titled “The Trashy Truth” to display some of the waste that the WHS community creates daily in its use of plastic bottles.

The Environmental Club is also hosting a bake sale on Thursday, Dec. 4, during parent-teacher conferences to raise money and to let parents know what the club is doing and how they can help.

The club members are hopeful that they will be able to get enough support from the Watertown community to achieve their goal and to keep coming up with new ways to make WHS — and Watertown in general — more environmentally friendly!

–Dec. 4, 2014–