Out with the Old, In with the New

Music has become a big part of everyone’s everyday life. People listen to music on their commutes to work, while jogging, working out, and even in the hallways at school. Nevertheless, how will people be able to listen to music without the right headphones? People need headphones that won’t hurt their ears and that fit comfortably in their ears.

Recently, Apple has come out with new headphones that will redefine the standards of their old headphones. Said to fit the shape of YOUR ear, the new headphones are said to be a more comfortable fit than the previous models.

Watertown High School senior Nicole Mendez said, “I like that the new headphones fit your ear better than the others. Also, I think my music sounds better with these new headphones.”

Should all people have these new headphones? Most people should, in my opinion, have these new headphones because they make your music listening a better experience.

Senior at Watertown High School Edwin Naranjo said, “I would recommend the new headphones to everybody. Who doesn’t want comfortable headphones to listen to their music with?”

Even with all great new things, there come some issues that some customers don’t like about the new headphones. Senior Nicole Mendez said, “One thing that I do not like about the new Apple headphones is that there are no grips on the speaker. The reason I say that is because the grips help keep the headphones in my ears. They fall out easily sometimes if the cord gets caught on something.”

Not everyone thinks this though. Senior Edwin Naranjo said, “The only thing that I would like to be different on the new headphones, would be the cord length. I think it’s too short and I would prefer it to be longer.”

All in all, I would say that Apple’s new headphones are by far better than the old ones. Out with the old and in with the new.