Farewell to Ms. Picceri

Farewell to Ms. Picceri

Hard to believe our very own Ms. Picceri is retiring from being the librarian at Watertown Public Schools. Ms. Picceri has been working as a teacher in Watertown since 1972 and as a Library Media Specialist since 1990. Ms. Picceri was very passionate when she spoke of the time she has spent here at Watertown. The biggest enjoyment, says Ms.Picceri, is, “working with students and helping them discover new knowledge, and I love the challenges new technology gives me.”

Retiring from a job someone has had for so long is a hard thing to do. A lot of factors play into such a big decision. Ms. Picceri has chosen to retire because it’s a long commute getting here and getting home, since she lives in Chelmsford. She has also been teaching for many years. Ms. Picceri commented, “After about forty years of teaching, it’s time to move on to something different.” The day of Ms. Picceri’s retirement is April 30th, but she will come back every now and then until the end of the year. Although Ms. Picceri does not yet know who will fill in her old position, she will have a say in it.

Ms. Picceri is very upset to be leaving teaching, but she is hoping to find some time to enjoy other activities she loves. Ms. Picceri likes fishing and playing golf, and is hoping to have more time to make music. More importantly she is anticipating what the next phase in her life will be. Something most people don’t know about Ms. Picceri is her love for music; she can play the piano, guitar and is an amazing vocalist. Ms. Picceri was a full-time musician for ten years before becoming a teacher, and since then has been in numerous bands, currently singing and playing guitar in the Red Hot and Blues. On top of all of that, she is a songwriter and has made six albums currently out.

It’s very upsetting to see Ms. Picceri go, but we should all be thankful for having spent time with her while she was here. Ms. Morgan, a new teacher who has spent the most time with her in the library, is very upset as well, saying, “I’m very sorry to see Ms. Picceri go, but I’m glad to have had spent time to learn from her.”

Ms. Picceri will leave a huge impact on a lot of students as well as teachers. Ms. Morgan spoke of how Ms. Picceri has changed her perspective on being a librarian because she has taught her all the different ways the library in a high school can be used, as well as aiding and guiding her with the library sources. Ms. Morgan, who would like to become an English teacher soon, has also been shown, “How involved the library is with the English and technology departments.”

Hopefully we will be listening to her on TV or the radio singing with her band. Best of luck to Ms. Picceri and whatever may be the next phase in her life!