Spirit Week returns to Watertown High School after two years


Raider Times photo / Raider Times photo

Pride Club made a banner promoting Spirit Week and the Homecoming dance and placed it in the center stairwell at Watertown High School for all students to see.

Hoping to start this year off great at Watertown High, Spirit Week was held early this year, from Sept. 20-24, because the Pride Club wanted the students to be involved from the start.

“There are two grades [freshmen and sophomores] who we want to participate more often in school spirit activities,” senior class president Emma Fallon said. 

Spirit Week featured Pajama Day, Jersey Day, Beach Day, Neon Day, and Raider Nation Day. But which was the favorite day?

Each grade has different answers, but the overall favorite was Raider Nation Day. Many students had Raider merch that they could rock for Spirit Week. All grades said that it was easy to participate in and it really showed everyone’s school spirit. 

“The school really came together on that one,” said Daniel MacDonald, referencing Raider Day.

I liked Jersey Day because I got to come into school wearing Allen Iverson’s, Kyrie Irving’s, and Jayson Tatum’s jerseys.”


Most freshmen enjoyed Spirit Week, and Raider Nation Day and Beach Day were shared favorites throughout the grade. 

Beach Day was a favorite because people liked wearing Hawaiian shirts and it was relatively easy to dress for. Many freshmen stated that Neon Day was fun but felt like it was a bit too hard to participate in because most of them don’t have neon.

Ninth-grader Nairi Davidian’s favorite was Beach Day because of the big variety. She wore a coverup over a bathing suit top as her outfit. 

Yassemine Idelkanoun’s favorite was Jersey Day, but only because she got to wear her volleyball jersey. And fellow ninth-grader Yasmin Silva had a favorite of Pajama Day because it was easy to dress for and very comfortable. 

Since sophomores didn’t have a Spirit Week last year, a lot of them enjoyed it. They felt like it was a refreshing experience since they were not able to have many school events last year.

“I really liked Raider Nation Day because many people joined in. It really brought the spirit to Watertown,” said sophomore Rosha Jalalian.

Raider Nation Day was a favorite shared throughout the grade. The students felt as if it was the easiest theme and said it was cool to walk around and see different people wearing Watertown merch. 

Most juniors liked Jersey Day because they like throwbacks, as well as seeing what jerseys people were wearing.

“Jersey Day was my favorite because I like wearing old jerseys,” said junior Casey Williams. 

Others liked Neon Day since they like bright colors. There was a lot of neon pink, green, and yellow brightening up everyone’s school day. 

Pajama Day was another favorite of the juniors. Seniors liked Pajama Day the most. 

“My favorite day out of Spirit Week was Pajama Day because I was comfortable and I didn’t want to be worried about getting judged for what I was wearing,” said senior Lucy Simonian.

Another day liked by seniors was Jersey Day.

“I liked Jersey Day because I got to come into school wearing Allen Iverson’s, Kyrie Irving’s, and Jayson Tatum’s jerseys,” said 12th-grader Emmanuel Garcia. 

Overall, the first Spirit Week was a major success. It also set up the second one, which began in its usual spot in the week leading up to Thanksgiving and the Pep Rally.

–Nov. 22, 2021–