Adrine Harutyunyan, a junior at Watertown High School, is a copy editor for The Raider Times and is excited to take Journalism for the 2012-2013 school year. If she continues to take Journalism throughout all of high school, she will be the first-ever WHS student to have taken Journalism all four years. Although she is no stranger to Journalism, she tries to do something different every year and has even contributed to the newspaper by drawing cartoons and she helped design the previous Raider Times website as a freshman.

Although her future is undecided, she hopes to either pursue a medical career or become an architect. Despite being a talented journalist, her true strength lies in mathematics, which she has been able to advance a year in. Though she doesn’t see journalism as a possible career path, she enjoys her involvement in the paper and intends to make the best out of her last two years of high school. Adrine is currently employed at TownCpa, Co. as a bookkeeper.

Besides journalism, Adrine also enjoys playing the piano, reading, and watching movies during her free time.


Adrine Harutyunyan, Raider Times staff

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