Andrew Smith is a senior at Watertown High School who is enjoys golfing, fishing, and hunting.  He is a first time journalist.

Andrew’s favorite class this year is psychology. He enjoys psychology because it keeps him thinking and it’s very interesting to him. Although not wanting to major in psychology or journalism, he still enjoys learning about the subjects.  “I am looking forward to taking journalism as a course this year,” he told me. “I am hoping to become a better writer as an outcome.”

Andrew says he would also like to see what it’s like to write from a journalist’s perspective. When I sat down and spoke with him, he told me he wanted to end this year with a bang, with a diploma, and a college acceptance letter, which he hopes journalism will help him get. Andrew hopes that journalism will be a great experience and he is excited to try something new he hasn’t tackled before.

Interestingly, Andrew wants to become a veterinarian and study animal science.

Andrew Smith, Opinion Editor

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Andrew Smith