Though Anthony Russo has no desire to go into the field of journalism when he is an adult, that doesn’t stop him from loving the subject. Currently in his senior year at Watertown High School, he is enrolled in the journalism program. It is only his first year taking the course because he never knew it was an option until the end of his junior year.  Enrolled in the class was a good sign for Anthony because he hopes to improve his writing skills. Anthony believes that he can contribute best to the publication by submitting his photographs because of his artistic abilities.

A strength Anthony possesses is his ability to write a good compelling story which the reader would want to read. Even though he hasn’t been enrolled for too long, Anthony’s favorite part so far is working in groups because of the relaxed surroundings and increased productivity that can occur with dividing the work in half. Interviewing a person for future articles will be challenging at first but will get easier over time. This class will help Anthony in his future by hopefully improving his writing abilities for major assignments to come such as that STP (senior thesis paper) or those to come in college.

After graduation Anthony wants to get accepted into a good college and then get an awesome job that earns him tons of money.


Anthony Russo, Staff Writer

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Anthony Russo