Heidi Rush is a seventeen-year-old junior. Heidi initially joined journalism she needed an elective. Yet, now that the school year has started, she thinks that journalism will be an interesting course. When Heidi watches or listens to the news, she especially likes current global events. As a writer, she realizes that current events may be her forte. When asked who her favorite reporter or journalist is, Heidi replied saying that she didn’t really pay attention to the author of the article, but the context within it.

But she does love “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” though!  Heidi doesn’t only want to write but would be more than willing to take pictures or help edit other students’ articles. She one day hopes to become an English teacher and she may want teach a journalism course if she has a chance. Heidi hopes that journalism will improve her vocabulary, knowledge, and experience.

Heidi Rush, Staff Writer

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Heidi Rush