Jordan Terhune is a senior taking journalism for the third year in Ms. O’Grady's class. Jordan is hoping to finally become the editor in chief so she can contribute to helping all newcomers in the class and take photos. Jordan has an interest in photography and has taken the class in school and hopes to take pictures for The Raider Times. At first the class looked like a good elective and would help with her gain interest in writing but Jordan has become fond of it and does a bit of everything in the class. Outside of journalism she likes reading and has a great interest in art and photography and would like to also become an art therapist so she can help young people express themselves through art. In the future she would like to run a blog. Jordan watches The Ellen Show and the news in the morning. Her favorite magazine is Rolling Stone because it’s about music, not censored, has more facts and is honest. Like Rolling Stone, she prefers hard hitting stories and doesn’t find sugar coating a good way to deliver such news.

Jordan Terhune, Editor-in-Chief

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Jordan Terhune