The Violin

Angelina Halibian / Word Painter

Raider Times photo / Angelina Halibian / Word Painter

Angelina Halibian / Word Painter

As you slowly gain consciousness, you hear a violin playing. Arm by arm, leg by leg, strapped with white ropes against the rusty bed frame. You get an eerie feeling as you look around the room. The walls are black with old paint, the ceiling is cracked and leaking, and a wooden chair rests in front of you. 

In the dark, eerie, dim-lighted room, you see something dressed in a white dress, almost a wedding dress, with its back towards you. The violin strings continue to play in a particular pattern, almost a song. As the fear and anxiety fill your stomach, the violin simply stops. 

Trying to remember anything that you once had–a family, friends, a home–it is almost as if you had nothing. As the fear continues to take over, the violin strings tighten, almost as if that thing can sense your fear. Struggling to free yourself from the ropes, you get flashbacks of children–a girl and a boy near a cliff, playing tag. 

As they run after each other, you have an ominous feeling. Closer and closer to the cliff they get. The brother decides to sneak up on the sister and tries to scare her. He hides behind a tree waiting for the right time to strike. As she looks over the deep, dark cavern, she is fascinated. She starts to play her violin. Hearing echoes calms her, but this feeling will soon end. A scream sounds from behind her. She loses her balance and falls.

The brother stands there listening to her screams. Looking down at her, she is torn up, slowly losing consciousness. On the edge of death, she plays the violin one last time with her brother above the cliff. He walks back to the house, trying to forget.

The violin stops as you snap out of the flashback. The silence in the room is eerie. As the figure floats out of the broken down chair, the fear is overwhelming. You scream as it turns around. The face is mangled and part of its stomach is missing.  The flesh is missing from the other side of the face. You try screaming but your jaw is closed shut with rusty metal pins.

In a scratchy mumbling voice she asks, “See what you have done to me?”  A shiny object gradually appears in her hand, a knife. She slowly brings the weapon towards your neck. You try to scream. You shake yourself but to no use. You hear one last thing, “Shh, it will all be over soon.” As she opens up your neck, you struggle until it is over.


Waking up from the nightmare, you start to hear a violin…

Maxim Sharapov / Word Painter
Art by Maxim Sharapov / Word Painter


(Published January 2021)