The Meat Grinder


Raider Times photo / Kawish Ahmad / Word Painter

Art by Kawish Ahmad

Kiran Owens / Word Painter

“The meat grinder’s for grinding meat,”

Say all the engineers,

But you see, YOU’RE made out of meat,

And that is why you fear…

The meat grinder! It’s coming soon,

And then it won’t be leaving!

It’ll grind you in the afternoon,

And in the early evening!

The meat grinder’s got gears that grind

And robot legs for walking,

It’s sleek and new and real streamlined,

With pieces interlocking!

It can’t be stopped! With blades that chop

And horrid clicks and whirs,

The meat grinder will never stop!

It’ll never be deterred!

It’s eaten many families,

It grinds them into paste!

One day soon it’ll come for you

And grind up your whole face!


(Published November 2021)