Life Abloom


Raider Times photo / Mashaim Ahmed / Word Painter

The bear stretches his back, awakening from his slumber

Squirrels watch from afar, ready to scurry away.

The grass, still dead and damp from the thawing ice, 

And the trees covered in a thin frost. 

His fur rustles in the biting wind, with flakes of ice hovering on the tips.


The sun perched in the sky,

Next to hovering clouds trying to take the spotlight.

Flowers ready to bloom,

Stems relieved of the chill

And showered by constant rain.

Cherry blossoms peer down

Exuding beauty and grace.


They call it new beginnings, 

When gusts of wind make rosy cheeks

And butterflies dance like autumn leaves falling.

Youth, vibrance, and rebirth prevail,

As smiles cross lively faces.

People come out of hibernation at last,

Nature’s pattern is contagious.


(Published March 2022)