Thou Doth Not See What Lies Beneath


Raider Times photo / Mashaim Ahmed / Word Painter

Oh no! Thou doth not see what lies beneath.

Then, through peering eyes, and into the soul

Lies a heart of ill intent, edged with teeth.

Wary not, thou dive into the black hole.


Revealed is a belligerent nature

Where it anon feasts ‘pon thee absolute.

Until thou subscribe and sickly wavering,

Thou shall live in woebegone solitude.


For this cruel creature doth not in the least

Care for the kind-hearted and temperate core.

Will thou forever be chained to this beast?

Or shall death come about another way?


So to all ye fragile and unwary, 

A warning, tis’, to be e’er so leery.


(Published March 2022)