WHS Celebrates the 2012 NHS Inductees

The day many NHS qualifying seniors had been waiting for was October 18th, the Induction of the National Honor Society. The ceremony took place in the Watertown High School auditorium from 6:00 to 7:30pm. The short ceremony took no longer than an hour and a half, but the meaning of the ceremony goes beyond what the students imagined they would accomplish in high school. The privilege to attend such an event was extended to forty students and their families.

Students work very hard throughout their high school career to maintain high GPAs and good relationships with their teachers. Once they have achieved that they become applicants to the National Honor Society. Students in the National Honor Society are well-conducted students who achieve a clean record and honor the school codes. The event gratefully acknowledges the students’ outstanding achievements.

The executive officers are Shayan Avanessian, Stephanie Frankian, Ari Kazanjian, Lena Lewenstein and Peter Wilson-Braun. They started the event off with welcoming the guests. Assistant Superintendent Ms. Dari Donovan gave introductions and speeches.  Headmaster Steve Watson gave a heartwarming speech and some words of advice to the National Honor Society (NHS) students. Then the old tradition of lighting up the candles was held, the executive officers lit four candles for the honor society and three for Cum Laude. The four candles for the National Honor Society stood for scholarship, leadership, service and character, the three candles stood for excellence, justice and honor. After the lighting of the candles the students were called up to the stage in alphabetical order and given their certificates. Once the induction ceremony had ended the Watertown high school A Cappella choir performed “Song of Ruth”.  According to Mr. Wulf, The A Capella choir received short notice but performed rather well! The ceremony closed with WHS’ chapter of the National Honor Society advisor Adrienne Eaton recognizing and congratulating the newly inducted members.

All in all the ceremony went really well and the hard work of the students had paid off once they had their yellow stoles around their necks.