All the best college advice, all in one place, and yours for the asking

Eden Salley, Selina Nebiye, and Alan Huang

After three years of the pandemic, students are most likely to ask “What’s next?”

On Thursday night, Oct. 6, 2022, the College Fair returned to the Watertown High gym, with representatives from 60-plus schools to talk with students. Here’s some of their advice:


Tufts University undergraduate admissions officer Justin Gunn says that it’s important for students to be specific about why they want to go to a particular school. What is it about Tufts that makes it the school for them?

Rather than a generalized answer about something like the location of the university, students should be sure to have done thorough research on colleges they apply to.

Justin emphasized that admissions officers want to be sure that a student wants to go to their school. How can your college of choice help you, and how can you help them? Use detailed information to explain why a school is uniquely important to you.

–Eden Salley


As the most popular public university in Massachusetts, the minute when people walked into the the gym at Watertown High School, the table for the University of Massachusetts Amherst was already crowded with people wanting to learn more.

Some wanted to know about the requirements of GPA and SAT scores, some wanted tips for applying, while others were just curious what the food was like at the best food college in America.

We interviewed Mike Drish, the director of the first-year admissions. He said that for applicants who were applying for UMass Amherst the first key is not to stress too much. Also, you do not need to have a feeling that you have to choose a major now.

In addition, for college applicants, when writing essays, you need to express the good of yourself: clubs, e-boards, and high-level classes.

Lastly, you should write your college essay with enthusiasm and recommend asking yourself how you can write something so that people are willing to spend their time reading it.

–Alan Huang


Suffolk University is a private research university located in Boston. When asked how students can stand out after the past three years of the coronavirus, Jeanne Aversa, director of admission information systems, advised students not to obsess over standing out. She was certain that the students’ merits would set them apart from others.

Jeanne recognizes that the effects of coronavirus were a shared experience for many students, and the admissions workers will focus on how the students are rebounding after a tough few years.

Jeanne encourages students to follow their own voices and not worry about what everyone else is doing.

– Selina Nebiye


Fisher College is a private college located in Boston and when we came across it, we noticed that the whole table was covered in an underwater color that made it seem very interesting.

The admissions assistant, James, says that he loved to read applicants’ college essays. He suggested, “Try to write it with enthusiasm and it can be nearly anything.”

He also said that there are many opportunities in the college so you do not need to panic, especially when we had the rough three years.

–Alan Huang


At the Brandeis booth, reporters spoke to assistant admissions director Harry Bachrach. Harry said, “Be true to who you are.” He emphasized the importance of being authentic and honest when students present themselves,

–Eden Salley


Emily Rollender, an alumni volunteer, said that when it comes to students standing out after dealing with coronavirus for the past few years, they should showcase their passion for their work.

Students applying should be well-rounded in their academics, as well as extra-curricular activities. While Emily advises students to show their dedication, she also says students should not spread themselves too thin.

–Selina Nebiye


Southern New Hampshire University is a private college located in between Manchester and Hooksett. As we came across the table, we saw that they’ve made their brochure cute and interesting. What are some tips that the school would give to applicants?

Allison, the senior director of admissions, said that when applying, especially when writing the essay, you should write more about yourself and who you are as a person. You should show those who are reading the essay your excitement.

–Alan Huang


Doug Seed, the senior assistant director of admissions at UMass Lowell, says that since the past three years have been affected by COVID, the admissions office understands that everyone has been impacted by it.

Doug added that the admission counselors will keep the past few years in the context that they should be. In terms of how students can stand out, Doug advises students to take advantage of the different opportunities that are presented to them.

He also suggests that students should reach out and demonstrate interest to the schools they are applying to.

–Selina Nebiye

–Nov. 28, 2022–