Megan Laffey is a senior at WHS and is taking a 6th period journalism class with Ms. O’Grady. Megan chose journalism because of her mother; her mom went to college and studied broadcast journalism.

Megan is most interested in learning how to interview since she is a big people person and would love to get out, talk to, and meet different people. Along with interviewing she’s also interested in trying photography.

Over the course of the year, Megan wants to improve her writing and interviewing skills, as well as improve the overall quality of the newspaper. As a new member of The Raider Times, Megan hopes to expand the amount of readers, and with the increase of students taking the class this year she feels as though that goal could be realized.

Megan hopes to find a job in the journalism field because she loves news and loves to tell people about the news. Megan’s favorite kind of news is soft news and international news; her dream job would be broadcasting for Fox News.

Along with journalism class, Megan is an intern for Watertown Cable Access, waits part-time at the New Yorker, and is a cashier at Celebrity Pizza.



Megan Laffey, Features Editor

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Megan Laffey