Football fans will make strong selection on “Draft Day”

Kevin Costner stars as Sonny Weaver Jr., the general manager of the Cleveland Browns, in the new movie “Draft Day”.

The movie begins on the morning of the NFL Draft and the Browns have the seventh overall pick. The Browns have been really bad for a long time, and everyone is looking for them to produce a championship team. Weaver needs to do something special or he will no longer have a job.

Bo Callahan, played by Josh Pence, is the star. Scouts say he is the greatest player to ever come out of college. Weaver had to make a choice: Do what he’s done in the past, or make a splash and save his job.

Jennifer Garner, Terry Crews, and Denis Leary also star in the film.

This movie is great for the football lover that just follows the game all the time (like me). I walked in having a background on the movie, but I was interested to see if director Ivan Reitman would incorporate real life-players or have it all be fictional.

The movie ended up being mostly fictional, with some true facts and statistics. But that made it confusing for me. In one scene, there would be a whole thing about how Tom Brady was arguably the biggest steal in the draft ever. Then the movie swung immediately back to the fictional players they were scouting.

I would say if you have any interest in the sport of football, this movie is definitely worth watching.