Got talent? Watertown wants to see it!

Watertown Community Foundation and Arsenal Yards to host Oct. 26 event; deadline for performers Wednesday Oct. 5


Michelle Vinnik, Raider Times staff

Ever wanted to see what the fellow people in your community can do? Well, the Watertown Community Foundation and Arsenal Yards have come together to have the most talented people in town show off what they have to offer in a new event, Watertown’s Got Talent. 

The show will be Wednesday, Oct. 26, at Arsenal Yards, but the deadline to sign up for performers’ auditions is Wednesday, Oct. 5

The two people making the magic happen are Jan Singer and Jessica Peterson. Jan runs Watertown Community Foundation, who’s goal is to create a tight-knit community in an extremely diverse town. Jess will be leading this new, fresh event this year.

“The proceeds from the talent show will be going to the Watertown Community Foundation.” Jan explains. 

Jess, who works for Arsenal Yards, will be running the talent show. The event will be held in the midst of some of Watertown’s favorite eateries, in between Shake Shack and Buttermilk+Bourbon, with the seating and stage stretching from the start of Shake Shack’s outdoor seating, to beyond the patch of grass that falls behind the “in-between” part of both restaurants. 

Want to come take a look at the show? It will be Wednesday, Oct. 26, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Tickets will be $10 a person and will go on sale Oct. 11. There will be beverages and food available in set-up stands, as well as local restaurants. Along with that, a raffle will be available for everyone with all sorts of prizes, $1 per ticket, and all funds will go toward the Watertown Community Foundation.

Deadline for audition sign up is Wednesday, Oct. 5. Anybody of any age can perform, and 12-15 people will be selected to perform in front of some “celebrity” judges. As long as the act is safe, family friendly, and doesn’t include too many people, anyone in the Watertown community can show what they’ve got. Selected competitors will be contacted by Oct. 11. Prizes, which are also TBA, can be won as well!

“We are hoping to get plenty of people to audition, especially teenagers,” Jan said. “The goal is to get a mix of all sorts of wonderful people to participate, so we get a diverse handful of anyone and everyone.”

Jan is hoping that Watertown Community Foundation can stage future events like these  that are exciting for anybody. In the past, before COVID unfortunately crashed the party, Trivia Night would be held every year in the fall, but it was only for adults, so this talent show can give everybody an opportunity to come over and have some fun during the fall right here in our town.

(For more information about Watertown’s Got Talent and the Watertown Community Foundation, go the home page HERE.)

–Oct. 4, 2022–