Rappers, rockers, and poets unite: The Coffeehouse returns to Watertown High

Showcase of student and teacher talent to be held Thursday, Feb. 9, in the Lecture Hall at 3:30 p.m.


Raider Times staff

It’s back! The Coffeehouse is returning to Watertown High School, led by juniors Grace Theodore and Mairéad Connolly and English teacher Malcolm Cooke. The Coffeehouse is an exciting opportunity for up-and-coming writers, singers, and musicians to display their talents in a laid-back setting.

The Coffeehouse is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 9, at 3:30 p.m. in the Lecture Hall, where everyone can come see fellow students and teachers perform their creative pieces while sipping complimentary hot chocolate to complete the warm and cozy vibe. 

The event, sponsored by the Word Painter club, is meant to be a stress-free chance for students to showcase their artistic skills and foster self-confidence. For spectators, there will be about 10 acts ranging from solo guitar performances to duo freestyling, each about 3-4 minutes long. Breaks between acts will allow the audience to get hot chocolate and chat.

The leaders of the Coffeehouse, Grace and Mairéad, are eager to see how the upcoming show goes so that they and others can create more events for budding performers in the near future. 

Coffeehouse performances have been held at WHS in the past but not since 2018 or so. Now that the Coffeehouse is back for a new crop of students, Grace and Mairéad are very excited to see how each person will make the show their own.

What will happen next in the coffeehouse: Mozart? A Boogie? Taylor Swift? Come and see!

Students who come to the Coffeehouse can expect a place where students can express their music, singing, or writing in almost any way.  The Lecture Hall will feature “go with the flow” performances where people can show off their talents without pressure and audience members can watch friends and teachers perform. 

For more information about the Coffeehouse or are interested in signing up, check out the signs posted all around the school. Every floor has a huge poster with the QR code to sign up and the email addresses of Mr. Cooke, Grace, and Mairéad. The sign-up link can also be found in the morning announcements.  

Come on out to the Lecture Hall after school on Thursday, Feb. 9, to check it out!

(Story reported and written by Raider Times staff reporters Ana Da Silva, Sam Shea, Edmond Daly, Monika Arakelyan, Yulissa Reyes, Harris Fleming, Pamela Pacheco, and Kylie Young.)

–Feb. 8, 2023–