New England Quake


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Around 7:14pm last night, October 16, 2012, an estimated 4.6 magnitude earthquake shook the greater New England area for a duration of around 15 seconds.

According to NECN, the quake was said to have originated four miles south-southwest of Lake Arrowhead, Maine, and eastern New Hampshire. A 4.6 quake on the magnitude class is considered a “light earthquake,” which is often felt but rarely causes damage. An average of 30,000 quakes of the same class occur each year around the world.

A quake of this magnitude is highly irregular for the New England area, which generally climbs to a 2.0, a quake to slight to feel.

Because of the mild nature of the quake, NECN expects minimal damage, with an estimated 67% chance of one million dollars or less in damages, and a 30% chance of one to ten million dollars.

Nevertheless it is highly recommended to inspect your home and property for structural damages, such as shattered windows, cracked foundations or gas line damage.



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