The Times are Changing at WHS

With the start of the new school year, the students at WHS are ready for another year of learning and alterations. Many aspects of WHS has changed for all the grades and are especially surprising for the upperclassmen. There is now Spirit Day every Friday, unifying the school with free t-shirts the school has provided for the students. Class location and requirements have changed as well. All studies are now held in the TRI room with their respective teachers and Physical Education is now required for four years instead of three.

Along with these developments, there are also additions and promotions in the faculty. Ms. Regan has been promoted to head of the English Department. To fill her teaching position, Mr. MacLaughlin, a new figure to the school, has been selected to fill in her shoes. Mrs.Kramer also achieved the success of being promoted to head of her department and Ms.Mundy, another new face at WHS, is now the new Chemistry teacher. There is also a new Physical Education teacher, Ms. Fitzgerald. Although she is a not a stranger to the school, this will be her first year teaching a class on her own. In addition, the AP Biology course that was formerly taught by Mr. Brewer is now being taught by Mr. Hiltunen.

Another major change for the students is the new hall pass systems. Instead of the slips that teachers used to sign for students to have access to the hallways, the school now has a log in the back of the WHS agenda. This system in which teachers sign this log was brought to record how often an individual student asks to leave to go to the bathroom or any other destination. It will help the administration keep a closer watch on hall pass abuse and to ensure that students aren’t leaving a certain class every day.

With these new changes to the faculty, requirements, locations and rules it seems that this year will be especially interesting for WHS and their students and hopefully these new changes will better the school and have a positive impact on the students.