Fall Pep Rally Caps Off Spirit Week


Raider Times photo / Photo by Sabrina Gentilucci

Seniors Julia Metjian, Nina Soares, Nicole Mayone, Ariana Sidiropoulos, Amanda Natale, and Jessica Sturtevant celebrate at the Fall Pep Rally.

The pep rally was a time to show school spirit and cheer on our fellow classmates and their achievements in sports. This year the pep rally was on November 21, 2012. Every year, the pep rally is different, but this year was especially unique. This year, there were rumors about rules banning each grade from sitting together or saying negative things to each other. However, everyone sat with their own grade, adding to the friendly rivalries between the classes. The bright side was nobody said negative things to each other; while there was a tremendous amount of cheering for their own classmates.

Walking into the gym, there were banners, balloons, and streamers.  Senior Andrew Smith, said, “Our banner was AWESOME!” At the start of the pep rally, all fall sports teams came out, and they all were pumped up and even dancing to Gangnam Style. The football coaches and some of the football team talked about the Thanksgiving Game and how they were going to “BEAT BELMONT!” Then after that, the games between the classes started. Each grade sent representatives to the floor to compete.

The first game was popping balloons, and the team that lost had to do push-ups. Nobody was declared a winner after that game. The next game was a pie-eating contest, which the sophomores won. The last game of the rally was the timed obstacle course, which the seniors won. Even some teachers wanted to participate! Six teachers were brave enough to try the obstacle course; Mrs. Zeikel, Mr. Meuret, Mr. Kono, Mr. Rose, Ms. Rose, and Mrs. Mundy. Mrs. Zeikel, Mr. Meuret, and Mr. Konaowere one team, and Mr. Rose, Mrs. Rose, and Mrs. Mundy was the other. Mrs. Zeikel’s team won the obstacle course.

By the end of the Pep Rally, everyone had their own opinions on how it turned out. Some liked it but others didn’t.  Senior Carina Taufiq had “fun” at the Pep Rally “watching the fun events”, while sophomore, Reem Dia, said, “I didn’t like this year’s pep rally the one last year was better.”  We’ll see what the next rally brings.