WHS Football Starts New Traditions


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The Watertown Raider football team and head coach John Cacace are all about traditions, hard work, and being united as a family. This season coach Cacace is trying to start up some new traditions that all have a goal to make others, other the team, feel good and appreciated.

One of the team’s newest traditions is the Big Brother system, where an upperclassman, such as a senior, checks in weekly with his Little Brother, a freshman or sophomore, to see how he is doing on the field and off.

The newest tradition the Raiders have come up with includes honoring WHS teachers. In this tradition, a particular class chooses a certain teacher that they admire. Next, the Raiders ask that teacher to come to their next home game. On game day, after the Raiders make their entrance onto the field and after the national anthem, that teacher gets to stand with the team while the Raider’s announcer talks about the teacher’s accomplishments and contributions to WHS. Next after the announcer is done, the teacher receives a t-shirt from Coach Cacace. After that, the teacher gets to walk out to midfield with the Raiders’ captains for the games coin toss.  This year’s honorees have included Ms. Trenholm, chosen by the senior class, Ms. Reagan, chosen by the junior class, and lastly Mr. Cooke, chosen by the sophomore class. The Raiders and Coach Cacace look to continue honoring teachers for the rest of this season’s home games, and hope to continue this wonderful tradition for many years to come.

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