Reem has written articles in previous issues of the school newspaper and decided to join the class this year. She does not mind writing, editing, taking photos; she can do it all! Reem does not like writing in regular English class, but she enjoys journalistic writing. In a regular English class, the teacher assigns you a topic to write about. However, in journalism you have different options. Reem finds it easier to write about sentimental things because she feels like she can connect with it.

With experience in writing articles, Reem can help someone who is new to the class and can help the Raider Times. Reem believes that sometimes it is difficult to write a story because you have to separate the facts from personal opinions. A difficulty that comes from everything being posted online is that it is hard to decipher fact from fiction. Another thing that can be difficult is finding the perfect picture to accompany an article because sometimes they can be misleading. Reem believes a journalist can always tell more than a photo can.

Reem does not plan on being a journalist when she is older, but she does plan on being a doctor. She wants to help people and save their lives. Being a journalist was not something that she considered doing at first. It was simply a course option that will look good on her college application and offers credits, plus she had experience with writing articles. She wanted to join journalism to improve her writing and contribute to the paper more.


Reem Dia, News Editor

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