About the Raider Times

The Raider Times is the student newspaper of Watertown High School. Any student in Watertown can become a member of the staff.

Raider Times stories are published online 24/7/365 at https://raidertimes.com, and in print four times throughout the school year.

The Raider Times is one of three student newspapers in the Watertown, Mass., public schools. The Watertown Splash (http://watertownsplash.com/) is the official newspaper of Watertown Middle School; the Cunniff Kids News (http://cunniffkidsnews.com/) is the official newspaper of Cunniff Elementary School.

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For more information or to contact a staff member, please email: [email protected].

John Vitti serves as newspaper adviser. He can be contacted at [email protected].

The Raider Times accepts ads, both online and print. Please contact the advertising sales staff to purchase an ad, see a rate sheet, or get more information:[email protected].

Raider Times Twitter: @CunniffKidsNews

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