Friends From Strangers: Safe Haven

The director of Dear John, Lasse Hallatrom, has teamed up with romance author, Nicholas Sparks, once again to bring his eighth movie to the big screen. This Valentine’s Day, Safe Haven is the perfect romance-thriller with a twist. The story portrays a young woman, Katie (Julianne Hough) running away from the lights of Boston, escaping a terrible secret from her past.

The movie opens with Katie running, while a cop is chasing her. Barely escaping from the cop, she jumps on a bus stopping in Southport, North Carolina, the quiet little town near the ocean where the story takes place. Living in a new place means starting over, which is just what Katie needs, but will she be able to move and leave her past behind her?

Being far away from Boston, Katie feels on edge until she meets widower, Alex (Josh Duhamel) and his two children. The chemistry portrayed by Duhamel and Hough, between Alex and Katie makes the audience think they have known each other forever, adding an extra “spark” to the film. After meeting Alex, Katie begins to feel safe, until an unexpected visitor shows up from Boston, a dangerous and mysterious man.

Overall I would give Safe Haven four stars out of five. The plot left me glued to the screen until the end. This film keeps you guessing, and filled with suspense and love throughout. I would recommend this film to anyone, especially for date night!