Actors ready to cut loose with “Footloose”

Watertown Children’s Theatre to stage musical beginning Nov. 18

Melanne Ghahraman, Raider Times staff

Everyone’s talking about the new kid in town, Ren. He just moved into the streets of Bomont and is having a little trouble fitting in.

Soon everyone will be talking about “Footloose” when it hits the stage at Watertown Children’s Theatre beginning Nov. 18, 2016.

The cast has been hard at work for about three weeks now! One of the actors in the show said, “The choreo looks good after we run it a few times, the vocals aren’t in bad shape, and we’re in a good place with them.”

In Bomont, there is one major rule: No Dancing!

Laila Plaster, an actor from Newton, said in the most positive voice, “I think they are going surprisingly well — especially the dancing!”

This particular show isn’t like your average musical. It has music, acting, and intense dancing that the choreographers have been working very diligently to teach in the most upbeat way possible.

“The rehearsals are going pretty well so far. The cast all gets along and the dancing is looking nice,” said Julian Schepis, a junior at Watertown High School. “There is also plenty of time between now and November to improve, and I think the cast and the staff are putting in the energy needed to make the show great.”

“Footloose” takes place in a small town called Bomont, where there is one major rule: No Dancing!

Everyone seems to follow that rule, until newcomer Ren McCormack moves in from Chicago. All his life he’s been dancing, and doesn’t understand why this town with a small population has a problem with it. There he meets some people that will eventually become his friends, such as Ariel, Willard, and Rusty. He later falls in love with Ariel, but realizes she already has a boyfriend, Chuck — even though she seems more fond of Ren rather than Chuck as time goes on.

Ariel’s father, the reverend of their local church however, disagrees with anything Ren has to do or say, especially the fact that he breaks the law of dancing. Does this  mean no Ariel and Ren?

You’ll have to come to the shows on November 18-20 at Watertown Children’s Theatre to find out who ends up with who, and who doesn’t end up with who!

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–Nov. 10, 2016–