“The Space Between Us” has plenty of room for tears


Raider Times photo / Courtesy of STX Entertainment

Britt Robertson (left) and Asa Butterfield star in "The Space Between Us."

Maia Vachon and Saron Nebiye

    “The Space Between Us” is a story of true love, experiencing the wonders of the world, and finding where one belongs in the universe.

    While on Mars, an astronaut named Sarah Elliot dies while giving birth to a child. For the next 16 years, her son, Gardner Elliot grows up on the East Texas Settlement on Mars.

   He’s not allowed to make any connections with others, except for the scientists at the base, since NASA wanted to keep the whole situation classified. So, when he strikes up an online conversation with a girl named Tulsa, he yearns to go to Earth, meet her, and ask her help in finding his father. But when he finally arrives and has the best adventure with Tulsa around the world, problems arise and he realizes that maybe he wasn’t meant to stay on Earth after all.

    This movie is full of emotional scenes and comedic dialogue between the two main characters on their journey to find Gardner’s father. The audience gets to see the wonders of the Earth through Gardner as if it was the first time experiencing it.

    Honestly, the only negative to the movie was that the story as a whole could have been longer. And though the portrayal of Mars is fitting for the storyline, it is not as realistic as we had hoped.

    Some viewers might not like the cliffhanger ending, but it did give us a clue about where it might lead, which gives some direction as to the future of the main characters.

   This romantic science fiction film is a good choice for anybody who loved the movie “Tomorrowland”.

    We would definitely recommend this movie for anybody OK with shedding a few tears for both loss and laughter.

   As an age recommendation, anyone who is 12 or over could watch this PG-13 movie. There is very little to no swearing or violence, but there is kissing and a glimpse of a character that infers nudity.

    Go watch this movie when it comes out on Feb. 3! You’re sure to be hoping for more and thinking about it long after it’s over.

–Feb. 3, 2017–