What will happen at the Mystery Show on Saturday night?

Watertown educators volunteer to put on a show -- with only 27.5 hours to prepare! Fund-raiser set for Saturday, Dec. 1, at 7 p.m. at Watertown High


Ella Pastore, Raider Times staff

Everyone knows how much hard work and effort goes into a play or musical. Actors memorize lines, songs, blocking, and choreography, while the crew builds set pieces and organizes the production as a whole. In the end, this is a process that usually takes a few months and a lot of dedication to complete.

But what about setting up a whole production in about 24 hours? It seems impossible, but it is exactly what the Mystery Staff Show will be doing with a performance on Saturday, Dec. 1, in the Watertown High auditorium beginning at 7 p.m. 

Dan Wulf would love to do a musical in the future, as well as make it an annual event — maybe even doing a Mystery Show with students in the spring”

Sixteen teachers from various Watertown public schools have volunteered to take part in this show, which is being organized by Dan Wulf and directed by Kacie Kirkpatrick. Only a select few know what the show will be.

On Nov. 29,  the Friday afternoon before the performance, the 16 teachers will meet, get their roles, see the script, and do a readthrough. They will be given the rest of the night to learn their lines and study the play. The next morning, they will come in and begin blocking and running through the show.

Because of the rush, elaborate set pieces or costumes will not be used. Instead, the actors will sometimes take the place of a piece of scenery, like a door or tree. After a few runthroughs, it will be time to perform.

Mr. Wulf said the idea of this performance was sparked by the 24-hour musical at Brandeis University, which was “Annie” this year. For this year, the Watertown teachers will be given around 27.5 hours to rehearse after they get the script. Because it is the first time a show like this is being done, the show will be a play so the teachers won’t be stressed out learning music in so little time. But Mr. Wulf would love to do a musical in the future, as well as make it an annual event — maybe even doing a Mystery Show with students in the spring!

Watertown educators involved in the play so far include Zack Allen, Heidi Baildon, Laurie Brackett, Culley Byham, Holly Cachimuel, Megan DiDuca, Aine Dirrane, Jess Donato, Amy Donohue, Chad Foster, Chris McDermott, Pat O’Neill, Nyssa Patten, Magen Slesinger, Siran Tamakian, and Sarah Thiemann.

Tickets for the show are $10 and will be sold at the door. Proceeds go to the music programs’ New York City trip, which will take place in the spring. Students and families are encouraged to come and support the teachers and classmates going on the New York trip.

–Nov. 29, 2018–