Our list of top Christmas movies on Netflix

What’s the holiday season without handsome Santas, soon-to-be-married princes, a trip to Snow Falls, and Vanessa Hudgens?


Fathema Heidari , Raider Times staff

Christmas tree’s up and decorated, halls are decked, snow outside, you know what that means? The holiday season is finally here! And what better way to help you get in the Christmas spirit than to be around you family and friends on a warm and cozy winter night watching Netflix.

But, wait, you don’t know what Christmas movies to watch this holiday season? Below are the top six best Christmas movies for you to watch in your cozy Christmas-themed PJs and a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands to help you get in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Inheritance

Ellen, a soon-to-be CEO of her father’s company needs to gain her father’s trust. In order for her to do that, she has to deliver a special letter to her father’s former business partner in Snow Falls. Along her journey, she slowly gains the real meaning behind the gift of Christmas with the help of people in Snow Falls. This movie really teaches a lesson and the meaning of what Christmas is really about. 

A Christmas Prince

A young journalist from New York is sent to Aldovia to cover the soon-to-be King, Prince Richard. She somehow worms her way into the castle playing the role of a tutor for the prince’s little sister. Will they discover her little secret? And what will happen to her? A cute love story with a lot of Christmas spirit in it. 

The Holiday Calendar

In this romantic love story, Abby, a talented photographer, inherits an Advent calendar that belonged to her grandfather. After opening the doors every day, Abby realizes that the calendar predicts her future. She is torn between her best friend (Josh) and a dreamy doctor. This movie just makes you believe anything is possible as long as you have faith. 

Holiday In The Wild

When Kate’s husband ends their marriage right before their honeymoon, she is left empty and unpurposeful. As she flies to Africa alone, she helps Derek rescue a baby elephant, as she helps tend the elephant back to health she finds her true purpose and maybe a true love. “Holiday in The Wild” reminds us to get back to our roots and that the most beauty lies in simplicity and it has such a good cause and awareness behind it. 

The Princess Switch

An ordinary girl gets entered in a cooking competition by her best friend and travels to Belgravia. She’s soon meets her doppelgänger who is desperate for a break from her life out of the spotlight. After Stacy and Lady Margaret switch places, they fall in love with each other’s beau. When I saw this movie I immediately clicked on it because I just love Vanessa Hudgens. 

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

This classic Cinderella story is about a talented high-schooler who is trying to pursue her dreams by getting far away from her wicked stepmother and two step sisters. After she is forced to work as a singing elf, Kat falls for the mysteriously handsome Santa. What happens when Kat finds out that this mysterious Santa is the richest and most popular guy in town? I’ve watched a lot of different types of Cinderella movies and I love this one because it is about Christmas and spirit. 

–Dec. 13, 2019–