Emotional “I Still Believe” stays true to itself


Raider Times photo / Courtesy of Lionsgate

K.J. Apa (left) and Britt Robertson star in “I Still Believe.”

“I Still Believe” is an emotional and moving journey of love and heartache, based on the story of Christian musician Jeremy Camp.

Starring K.J. Apa and Britt Robertson, the movie follows a young boy, Jeremy, as he is just entering college. Through his passion for music, Jeremy locks eyes with the girl of his dreams, Melissa. As the pair fall deeply in love, they realize their love is beyond just them, its destiny.

Jeremy and Melissa’s journey together is portrayed beautifully, as something extraordinarily real and God-made; which certainly brought an “aww” from many mouths in the crowd. From the battles that they face to the moments of pure bliss that they endure, the movie takes on a story of romance, faith, benevolence, and selflessness. 

Raider Times photo / Courtesy of Lionsgate
K.J. Apa (left) and Britt Robertson star in “I Still Believe.”

This film is a great drama with its realistic portrayal of the true story existing people faced in their lifetimes. The acting presented an accurate representation of the hardships and struggles that had to be endured. It was an emotional roller-coaster for the audience as the ending took many by utter shock and surprise.

The movie’s mood changed significantly from the beginning to the end, still, it managed to illustrate the true meaning of faith and never giving up hope, which is a significant message to the audience that will never go unforgotten.

Although the overall movie was exceedingly stirring and riveting, it contained some flaws as well. On occasion, the audience would show confusion or lack of understanding as some scenes didn’t necessarily cohere with one another. The beginning of the film moved at a relatively fast pace, doing a poor job of portraying the backstory efficiently. Furthermore, at times it looked as if the movie was erratically cutting from scene to scene due to substandard transitions.

But the touching story truly pulled on the heartstrings of many, if not all, of the people in the theatre. There were most definitely points throughout the story that unquestionably turned on the waterworks, leaving the viewers emotional, to say the least. In addition to that, the movie was, in fact, based on a true story. It left the audience wondering, “What are the lengths you would go for true love?”

Love battling against distress is a theme that is displayed throughout the story line and the idea of courage and a strong faith in God is extremely significant as well.

While the relationship between Jeremy and Melissa was the basis of the story, it was not the only important one that was portrayed. Showing the importance of sticking with loved ones through thick and thin, Jeremy and his younger brother (who happens to be disabled) have an unbreakable bond; it is a great way to bring/raise awareness for kids with disabilities.

All in all, the movie is one that definitely won’t soon be forgotten.

–March 13, 2020–