Three Raider Times reporters travel into “Uncharted” territory


Raider Times photo / Clay Enos/Columbia Pictures

Mark Wahlberg (right) and Tom Holland star in “Uncharted.”

Does the idea of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg running around Barcelona while searching for treasure and JJ from “Outer Banks” sound interesting? If it does, you should watch the new movie “Uncharted,” which is adapted from the hit video game series.

The movie tells the tale of young treasure hunter Nathan Drake (Holland), who searches the globe for historical artifacts that were once sought after by his missing brother (Rudy Pankow). He is accompanied by Victor Sullivan (Wahlberg), as well as Chloe Frazer (Sophia Taylor Ali), who’s suspicious of the two men. They are opposed by Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas), whose ancient family also wants the treasure, and Jo Braddock (Tati Gabrielle), who is hired as Moncada’s assistant.

Mark Wahlberg (left) and Tom Holland star in “Uncharted.” (Raider Times photo / Clay Enos/Columbia Pictures)

Three Raider Times reporters saw “Uncharted” the day after it came out in the United States and share their opinions below:

Entertaining, with intriguing plot

“Uncharted” is an entertaining action and adventure film with an intriguing plot. The many fight scenes paired with treasure-hunting mirrors a combination of the movies “National Treasure,” “Indiana Jones,” and “Casino Royale,” with nods to “Pirates of the Caribbean,” as there is a fight scene set on two ships.

The movie runs for two hours, and while a large chunk of those two hours are fight scenes – which some people may not like – the movie also encompasses traveling the world, many betrayals, character development, and suspenseful treasure hunting scenes. While movie betrayals are often sudden and exciting, it is in my opinion that “Uncharted” has too many betrayals, which took away from the surprise.

I liked the incorporation of artifacts and history (even if it wasn’t completely historically accurate), and how characters traveled to different countries. The roles were cast very well, and I think “Uncharted” is an enjoyable movie worth watching. 

– Katherine Schick

Tati Gabrielle (center) plays Jo Braddock in “Uncharted.” (Raider Times photo / Clay Enos/Columbia Pictures)

“Indiana Jones” ripoff with a few great scenes

This movie confused me at first, since it was not what I was expecting at all.

I showed up to the movie theater with a $15 ticket that I had just bought for $3 less because I told the website I was a senior, sat down in my seat, and was very excited.

It started off great: Tom Holland was working at some bar and was swindling unsuspecting women of their jewelry. But as the story progressed and he agreed to go on a hunt with Mark Wahlberg, I knew it was going to be an “Indiana Jones” ripoff.

The individual scenes were great, the many fighting scenes were fun to watch but seeing them back to back got tiring. The characters betrayed each other about six  times, and after the third, I just wanted to go take a walk.

Near the end of the movie, the scene that had shown in the beginning was shown again, and I really liked that – but then they fought even more after that. The ending was anticlimactic, and the last couple scenes felt empty since the movie didn’t reach a proper ending.

But even though I didn’t enjoy the scenes back to back, I did enjoy a few great ones and I think I will be happy to see the next movie. 

– Izzy DeLorio

Antonio Banderas brings an air of “Indiana Jones” to “Uncharted.” (Raider Times photo / Clay Enos/Columbia Pictures)

High expectations and it did not disappoint!

In my opinion, this movie is 100 percent worth seeing! With having high expectations from the start, I’m glad to say it did not disappoint. 

Before the movie was out in theaters, I read a little on what it would be about, as well as checked the cast list. The description already had me hooked, and the cast included some iconic and amazing actors who I thought would never be seen in a movie together. After seeing the film, I’m already wondering when the second one will be in progress. 

Although the movie was full of cliffhangers and betrayals, the action and humor made it entertaining and fun to watch. My favorite moment of the movie was when Chloe was attempting to drive a car out of a jet, but ran over Nathan just as he got inside. It sounds violent, but the conversation and the way it was filmed made it absolutely hilarious. 

Chloe was portrayed as the story’s potential backstabber, and although she had her moments, I do believe that her character is more misunderstood then was made out to be. She has potential, and I’m excited to see more of her in the next movie.

The movie’s finale ends with a shocking cliffhanger, making you question everything that had previously happened. Being left with many wonders, I will be seeing the second movie in hopes of all questions being answered.

–Gina Rank

When watching “Uncharted,” the action scenes will come in waves (Raider Times photo / Clay Enos/Columbia Pictures)

While Raider Times reporters had conflicting opinions, all can agree that they are glad they watched “Uncharted” and are looking forward to its sequel. You should be, too!

–Feb. 27, 2022–