Joiee Thorpe transforms BU into “Her Campus”

Emily Carito, Raider Times staff

November 16, 2014

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Just in time for fall fashion, Boston University welcomed a new edition to the campus; People’s StyleWatch celebrity stylist Joiee Thorpe. Why was she at BU?  It was all thanks to Boston University’s “Her Campus” correspondent...

Meeting the invisible society

Tessa Collins, Raider Times staff

February 25, 2014

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Imagine coming to America and being homeless. Imagine getting out of jail just to realize you have nowhere to go. Imagine losing your job and having no option but to sleep on the ground outside. Imagine not knowing whether you...

Senior Reflection: Dylan Feeney

Dylan Feeney, Staff Writer

May 23, 2013

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When one talks about their senior year in high school, they mention how fun and laid back it was. They talk about how they basically did nothing in their 3rd and 4th quarter after they finished their senior thesis paper. Senior ...

Senior Reflection: Samantha McDonald

Samantha McDonald, Opinion Writer

April 26, 2013

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The years here at Watertown High School have been okay, for the most part. Some parts were very awesome, some other parts stunk, and some other parts were okay. I can’t say that it was the greatest four years of my life, but...

Senior Reflection: Jordan Terhune

Jordan Terhune, Editor-in-Chief

April 26, 2013

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     High School was a confusing time from the beginning. On top of adjusting to yet another new building, in general it was just a big step. With High School came an intimidating amount of homework, new teachers that in Midd...