Splash of Flavor 2017: Six Cheese Tortellini at Fiorella’s


Raider Times photo / Melanne Ghahraman

The Six Cheese Tortellini at Fiorella’s in Belmont, Mass.

Melanne Ghahraman, Raider Times staff

Close your eyes. Imagine a room full of seasoned foods and a smell of real Italian food. Now open your eyes back up. Where do you find yourself?

Fiorella’s, the Italian restaurant, is located right around the corner in Belmont. Although it has more than 10 different categories of food to pick from, ranging from soups to salads to pizza, Fiorella’s is highly known for its appetizing Six Cheese Tortellini.

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Tortellini is a kind of pasta that is similar in taste to ravioli, but different in looks. Stuffed with six different kinds of cheeses (hence the name) the Six Cheese Tortellini includes a mix of ricotta, pecorino romano, asiago, parmesan, provolone, and mozzarella. When combined, all these flavors come to life in your mouth, and you feel as if you’ve just taken a tasty and delicious trip to Italy, all in one bite.

Spread over the pasta, is a thick, red marinara sauce, a Fiorella’s signature dressing. The pasta can also be accompanied by its classic garlic bread, sprinkled with herbs and oils. Talk about carbs! This way, with the pasta, sauce, and bread, you’re sure to stay full until your next meal.

Your entire lunch can be enjoyed to go or on the spot, with a portion that is just right for everyone, and at a very reasonable price. Wherever the place, and whatever the weather, you’re sure to enjoy this hefty Six Cheese Tortellini for sure!

(Fiorella’s,263 Belmont St, Belmont, 617-489-1361, http://www.fiorellasexpress.com/.)

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-–Dec. 20, 2017–