Watertown High joins in the climate conversation


Raider Times photo / Courtesy Circular Podcast @CircularPod

Victoria Pires, Raider Times staff

Awareness over the climate change crisis is growing more than ever. Teenagers know they will be the ones dealing with the consequences of the results of global weather shifts, so youth are fighting for stronger government recognition, which could lead to laws aiding the cause.

On Friday, Sept. 20, students will be flocking to the State House in Boston for the Climate Strike. The hopes are that by disturbing the school day, authorities will see the desperation and need for action.

Watertown High School is also supporting the cause in its own way. 

On Friday, WHS students interested in the cause can meet in the Lecture Hall during D block (which is when the three lunches are held). There will be a chance to get informed and have a discussion about views toward the situation.

WHS science teacher Jen MacDonald helped organize an event for students to come together Friday and talk about the matter. She’s excited for the opportunity to educate kids on the issue and help the students who rose up to support the strike.

“As a teacher, I can reach more people by teaching about it here,” she said.

The students in charge of the event, Toni Carton and Yeraz Kaligian, stepped up to help give kids an alternative to be active in the movement, and yet not miss class time. Yeraz explained the origin of the idea.

“We were just discussing it in our AP environmental class and we got so excited about it, we went and talked to [WHS principal Shirley Lundberg] and wrote up a proposal.

“We decided we’d take that opportunity to educate people who may not be an activist.”

The event will be a perfect time to voice questions and ideas on how to lend a hand to the cause. Being a part of movements like these, as well as other clubs and events at the school, is an amazing way to stay connected with the world around us.

–Sept. 18, 2019–