Watertown boys’ soccer finds fourth gear in Wakefield


Raider Times photo / Jeffrey Begg

The Watertown boys' soccer team thanks the fans -- highlighted by a Jhonathan Inacio bow -- who traveled to Wakefield to see the Raiders' 5-1 win on Monday, Sept. 17, 2018.

Alex Egan, Raider Times staff

The Watertown Raiders boys’ soccer beat host Wakefield, 5-1, on Monday, Sept. 17, 2018, for the Raiders’ fourth win of the season. 

The Raiders had a fiery start once again. Ruben Sara had put the ball past the keeper, who took out Sara completely. As many of the Watertown players complained for a penalty, Nick Dipace tapped the ball in, netting his second goal of the season.

The Raiders let up a goal within two minutes, making the score equal. Wakefield took advantage of a through ball, which appeared to be offside, and tied the game.

Although the score was equal, the Raiders were all over Wakefield, working for that leading goal. Alex Egan and Gevork Karapetyan played a beautiful give-and-go, leading Egan on a breakaway he would calmly finish.

Later in the half, Egan got his second of the game. The Watertown striker got the ball, beat the last defender, and slotted it away into the bottom corner for his fifth goal of the season.

The first half ended, 3-1, for the Raiders. Although they were all smiles, WHS coaches Frank Cacia and Chris Calden reminded them they still had to put away Wakefield and get business done.

Raider Times photo / Jeffrey Begg
Alex Egan (left) and Nick Dipace (right) congratulate Rodrigo Freitas on his goal during the the Raiders’ 5-1 win in Wakefield on Monday, Sept. 17, 2018.

The second half started fast paced as Wakefield was trying to get back in the game while Watertown wanted to end it. Watertown was all over the the Warriors and got their fourth goal through Rodrigo Freitas. The Brazilian sensation took his chances with a volley, which the keeper let through his legs, giving Freitas his fifth goal of the season.

Shortly after, Watertown got their fifth goal of the game. Egan gave the ball to Jafiah Edwards, who blasted the ball into the top corner with his left peg, giving the Raiders what was surely the goal of the game.

Egan kept pushing for his hat trick but unfortunately couldn’t get it. With six minutes left, he came off to an applause from the players.

The Raiders’ defense — Chris Iannetta, Luke Murphy (despite a pulled thigh), and Cody Begg (despite being wrapped everywhere) — were solid in the back.

Raider Times photo / Jeffrey Begg
Gevork Karapetyan (7) and Alex Egan celebrate Egan’s first goal of the game during the the Raiders’ 5-1 win in Wakefield on Monday, Sept. 17, 2018.

With subs being brought on, Jhonathan Inacio proved himself once again as he tortured the Wakefield midfield with his Neymar-like foot skills. Jack Nicolas was fearless in net, and Paulo Costa continues to look like a threat up top.

On a side note, Ben Fandetti is OK. The ankle he injured Saturday was just bruised, and there no serious injury involved.

Watertown’s next game is Thursday, Sept. 20, at Melrose, the Raiders’ fierce rivals.

–Sept. 18, 2018–