Late drama as Watertown boys’ soccer bests rival Melrose


Raider Times photo / Tino Themelis

Nic DiPace (19) talks after the Watertown boys’ soccer team defeated Melrose, 1-0, on Friday, Sept. 20, 2019, at Victory Field.

Tino Themelis, Raider Times staff

After a hard-fought game, the Watertown boys’ soccer team came out on top Friday, Sept. 20, at Victory Field on a late goal from Arthur Metzker for a 1-0 win over Melrose.

Raider Times video by Davit Karapetyan

“The game went well,” said junior Nic DiPace, who had a hand in the winning goal. “We found our wingers and we were really able to push hard, especially in the second half. And our possession was great, we held the ball and really played well as a team.”

The game was tight in the first half, neither team getting many chances. Toward the end of the first half, Watertown seemed to be knocking on the door when Cody Begg went down with a left knee injury. Begg is the center back of the squad and vital to the Watertown’s success.

After the injury, Melrose seemed to gain an edge as the half ended. That momentum continued into the second half until about an hour into the match when Watertown goalie Devon Breen had to make an amazing 1-on-1 save on Melrose’s striker. 

A fire was lit in the legs of Watertown after that moment. Four minutes later, off a corner kick, Watertown was barely denied a goal with a goal-line clearance. For the next 20 minutes, it was chance after chance for Watertown, but the home team just couldn’t get it through. 

Finally, in the dying moments of the game, DiPace won a free kick off a sloppy Melrose foul. After a timeout, Rodrigo Freitas stepped on to take the kick. What would he do? Pass? Shoot? He had all the options.

Rodrigo hit the ball with side spin, and it bounced off the keeper’s hands. Running in was striker Hassan Houjazy, who was denied by the goalie. Off the rebound, Metzker tapped the ball in for a Watertown goal.

The fan section erupted in cheers as Watertown players celebrated on the pitch. Shortly after, the final whistle was blown and Watertown was declared victors. Watertown players were shouting and screaming in happiness as they ran into the locker room. 

Afterward, DiPace explained how the winning sequence came about.

“I was dribbling and I cut back and got fouled,” the junior said. “We then ran our secret play off the free kick, and it worked to perfection as Arthur crashed the net and got a goal.” 

Watertown’s next home game is Saturday, Sept. 28, versus Boston Latin Academy at 6 p.m., so come out and support the team!

Raider Times photo / Tino Themelis
It was a beautiful night for soccer at Victory Field as the Watertown boys’ soccer team defeated Melrose, 1-0, on Friday, Sept. 20, 2019.

–Sept. 20, 2018–