A few of the seniors’ favorite things

Members of Watertown High’s Class of 2014 look back on their best moments

My all-time favorite teacher was Ms. Trenholm, because of how sweet she was and understanding.

My favorite WHS memory was the chorus New York trip, because it was well planned and a great experience to get away with friends.

— Ashley Smith

Ms. Johnson was my favorite teacher. She actually cares about the students. 

My favorite WHS memory was going to Six Flags sophomore year and seeing Heidi’s face on the Superman ride.

— Caillie Hughes

My favorite teacher was Mrs. Mulhall. She’s a great teacher and a lot of fun.

— Toula Papadopoulos

My favorite class was honors civics with Mr. Rimas. It was laid-back and fun.

My favorite WHS memory was being at the top of the pyramid during the pep rally my junior year. It was the first time I felt noticed at school.

— Jacqui Russo

My favorite class was the junior AP English class with Mr. MacLaughlin, because I learned so much more than I would have in a typical English class.

— Talar Kaya

In my time in Watertown schools, my all-time favorite teacher was Señor Henry because él sabe cómo divertirse… confía en mí.

My favorite WHS memory was that time I went to the John Mayer concert with Matt.

–James Garbier

My favorite WHS memory was when during freshman year I was sitting with my friends in the cafeteria and an orange hit me straight in the face. Apparently the seniors were having a food fight and I got caught in the crossfire. I never ate lunch in the cafeteria again.

— Sabrina Nebiye

My favorite WHS memory took place in the 10th grade when we had gone on the yearly Six Flags trip. I decided to play the ring-toss game and see if I could win anything because there was a “sale” on ring-toss ring buckets. I bought two and my friends and I tried to get one in. We missed every single one. There was one left at the bottom of the bucket that I hadn’t noticed. I picked it up and flung it in annoyance and ended up getting it on a bottle. I walked away with a giant stuffed elephant that gave me arm cramps the next day from carrying it all day.

— Ayah Roda

In my time in Watertown schools, my all-time favorite teacher was Mr. Spillane because he is the man and he likes soccer.

My favorite WHS memory was being part of the soccer team that made it to the state championship.

— Arsen Patvakanian

My favorite WHS memory was from my 2013-14 basketball season. Along with the boys’ basketball team and the girls’ and boys’ hockey teams, we were Middlesex League champions. That is something that has never been done before.

— Francesca Korte

My favorite Watertown High School memory was a few weeks ago when my French class, which I had for three years, had a short reunion after school. For about an hour, we got together and reminisced about the last three years. We retold stories that made us laugh and laugh some more. I remember on my way back to my house, I was on the verge of tears thinking that I will never relive those special moments again.

— Edgar Mutebi

In my time in the Watertown schools, my all-time favorite teacher is Mrs. Kraemer. She is always prepared in class, is very patient with her students, and clarifies even the most complicated concepts impressively simply. Mrs. Kraemer not only understands but also explains her subject better than any other teacher I’ve had for any subject. She has inspired me to continue studying chemistry. Generally speaking,

Mr. MacLaughlin’s class is usually the highlight of my day. We always have the most intriguing discussions, and we share personal stories of any and all types with one another. I’m also really going to miss having life talks with Gus during third lunch. He is an extremely relatable person. It’s no wonder he’s a school favorite.

— Alice Elbakian

My all-time favorite teacher and class, is a four-way tie between Mr. Wallace, my music teacher who pushed me in the field of music; my English teacher Mr. MacLaughlin, who taught me more than I could imagine; Mrs. Berardinelli, my Spanish teacher who always made me laugh at 8 a.m.; and Ms. Trenholm, who dedicates her life, her own personal resources, and time to the benefit of the student.

Mr. Wallace, among others, is the reason that I ventured into the world of music and performance, which I am ineffably grateful for.

Mr. MacLaughlin is a whole different type of mentor and father figure. He is not a teacher, he is your friend, someone you can chat your mind to. Wherever you are on your long journey of education, he’s always there for you.

Mrs. Berardinelli is the strictest teacher I had next to Mr. Duggan. I am so happy I had her because with her help for only two years, I can say that I still remember a good 80 percent of every Spanish lesson I learned from her.

It would do me a disservice to simply remark upon the enormous heart and character of Ms. Trenholm, the center of Watertown High. One thing I will say is that Ms. Trenholm is unique for always letting the student think that he or she is doing the work and that he or she accomplished a challenge by him/herself, while being the sole reason for her student’s success. At the same time she only smiles, nods her head, and throws in a wonderful laugh and never asks for anything in return — on the contrary, says thank you to the student.

To my all my teachers, thank you. I will always keep the invaluable lessons you have nurtured and taught me.

— Daniel Shin

My favorite WHS memory is meeting a very special person at my first day of my “Legally Blonde” musical rehearsal senior year. That person changed my life to a more brighter, happier, and inspiring life. Sweet, independent, adorable, and funny, I am more than happy that I had the chance and opportunity to meet her at the musical.

— Daniel Shin

My all-time favorite class was Mr. MacLaughlin’s AP English classes, and I was lucky enough to experience that two years in a row. It had the best atmosphere and we had some rad discussions in those two years. Aside from MacLaughlin, Gus is one of my all-time favorite teachers. Both are so easy to talk to, so friendly, and, honestly, really quality teachers.

My favorite WHS memory is when my friend gave me a piggy back ride down the hallway, but she flipped me over and I hurdled into a locker headfirst and my Sunny D spilled all over the hallway. It was pretty funny.

— Adrine Harutyunyan

–June 1, 2014–